Salvatore “Sammy The Bull” Gravano, now 77 years old, stars in his own short film series; The Salvatore. The film follows the realization of a man who was born into the life of crime; surrounded by it. After more than two decades of imprisonment ‘The Salvatoré’, penniless and alone, gets released back onto the streets. Having lost his family in a brutal unsolved murder case, Sammy is forced to spend the rest of his life without answers, trying to bury his anger and despair. It seems that no matter how hard he tries to walk away from “the life”, there’s no shaking the permanent grip it has on him. Now, the FBI needs his skill set….a serial killer, a man from Sammy’s past, is operating in the area and holds a secret ‘The Salvatoré’ is desperate to know.

Episode 1

Sammy is contracted by the FBI to track down and locate Joey DeMeo – a former made member of the Gambino family turned serial killer on the loose in the Phoenix area.

Episode 2

Joey DeMeo loses his fucking brains while stalking his next victim when he’s followed by a mysterious man at the hardware store.

Episode 3

Sammy gets info on Joey DeMeo’s location from local fixer Judy, but the day’s work proves tough and flashbacks of his daughter Karen take a heavy toll.

Episode 4

The FBI is too late after a little girl is taken. This forces Sammy to handle things like a fucking gangster.

Episode 5

Sammy tracks down Joey DeMeo, but before he puts a few rounds into his skull, Joey drops some heavy information regarding the death of Sammy’s family.